Effortless Travel with Children

Fairchild tropical botanic garden, Miami, FL, USA

Florida is home to some of the best kid-friendly destinations in the country. From theme parks to outdoor adventures, there’s something to occupy every kid or kid at heart. As most parents know, planning a road trip to visit some of these places can be stressful. Kids typically get bored sitting in a car for long lengths of time which often leads to not-so-pleasant behavior.

For parents, road trips usually involve frustrating traffic, crazy drivers and constant breaks whether it’s for food, to use the bathroom or just to stretch and move around – it’s hard for anyone to be in a car for that long, especially a child. Even plane travel can be high-stress with children – kids getting antsy and temperamental, being rambunctious and loud, not to mention worrying about how their behavior affects other passengers.

Brightline eases these travel concerns and provides children with countless hours of entertainment. Kids can take in and enjoy the beautiful views of Florida, connect to our reliable Wi-Fi and watch their favorite show or movie, or play video games on their tablet or other mobile device.

Whether you’re visiting family in the area or checking out a new theme park, Brightline wants to make traveling with kids easier for all involved – parents and children. Each train will feature a retail car with yummy snacks and treats that kids will love, as well as a social car for families that may be a bit livelier. There will also be a quiet car which is great for nap time, or for those that would like a more peaceful and serene environment for their little ones. Young ones are inherently fascinated with trains and can enjoy the beautiful scenery it provides. With Brightline, a peaceful journey for all awaits.