Train vs. Plane: 7 Reasons Why Train Travel Wins

We’ve decided to put an end to the debate of train travel vs. air travel. While there are plenty of benefits to taking a train vs. a plane, we whittled it down to the 7 most compelling. Plain and simple, these 7 reasons will make your next travel decision a whole lot easier. When you travel by train, you will:

Tracks For Train

1. Avoid the Hassle

Anyone who has traveled by plane knows how frustrating it can be — even for those flights that are actually on time. From the early arrival time and the long security lines to having to take off your shoes and ration out your liquids, traveling by air is a hassle.

With train travel, you only need to arrive 30 minutes before your departure and walk straight to the gate. This is a huge plus for travelers. In fact, 72 percent of the 300 North Americans and Europeans surveyed by SilverRail Technologies cited waiting in line as the single most annoying air travel hassle. No wonder trains are a popular choice!

2. Gain More Freedom

No matter how you slice and dice it, train travel affords you more freedom. Your family can say goodbye at your actual gate, you can book your seat last minute and not pay expensive last-minute fare, and the list goes on. The bottom line is you have more control over your travel experience when you choose trains.

3. Choose Comfort

Don’t you just love being cramped up in a tiny seat, sharing a tiny arm rest with a complete stranger, as your ears pop and babies scream? We didn’t think so.

When you travel by train, you can relax comfortably in a spacious seat, with more legroom than you could dream of on an airplane. You can also move freely between cars, not just when the seatbelt sign is off.

4. Enjoy Convenience

When it comes to convenience, trains take the cake. Stations are conveniently located in major urban areas, with easy access to local transportation methods. Say goodbye to taking a costly cab ride miles away from town and then trucking across a huge airport. When you step off the train, you’ll be just a short walk away from everything you could need.

5. Get Better Views

Sure, the clouds look beautiful. After a few minutes, however, they can lose their charm. Your view from the rails never gets boring — you get a front row seat to gorgeous landscapes.

6. Relax Without Annoying Interruptions

Once you get past the hassles of actually boarding the plane, you face more interruptions. Fasten your seat belt, stow away your tray table, turn off your Internet-connected devices and more. With train travel, you don’t have to be bothered at all. You have plenty of space to sit back and relax!

7. Make Travel a Fun Part of Your Trip

Getting to your destination should really be part of the adventure and fun. With train travel, it is. Train travel is a comfortable space where you can unwind and relax on your own terms. Binge-watch your favorite show, catch up on work, or relax with some good tunes and beautiful scenery.

If Your Decision Wasn’t Already Easy, Brightline Will Make It a No-Brainer

Given these facts about the many benefits of train travel over airplanes, it’s easy to see why so many savvy travelers are choosing rail over air. Brightline will be making the deal even sweeter when it starts service in mid-2017.

With modern cars that are filled with creature comforts — electrical outlets, plenty of legroom, sparkling clean bathrooms and stations that are hubs of convenience — Brightline is taking connectivity to a whole new level. Train travel is the better choice, so brighten up your travel experience with Brightline next year!