Train Travel vs Driving: Let’s Get Real

Which is better, to travel by train or car? What is the cheapest way to travel? Or the safest?

The numbers are in, the benefits compared, and the clear winner is travel by train. Here are the top ten reasons why trains win the train vs driving commute debate — and why you should hit the rails, not the roadways, for your next trip.

Traveling By Train

1. You can save the world when you take a train.

Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration — but not by much. High-speed rail uses a third less per-mile energy than driving a car. In fact, we could save 125 million barrels of oil a year if the United States had a national high-speed rail system in place.

When it comes down to CO2 emissions, trains are also the clear winner. On a global scale, cars make up about 71 percent of CO2 transmissions from transportation. Compare that to how much trains emit — a mere 1.8% — and you can see why taking a train is doing Earth a big favor.

2. You can save time when you travel by train.

With our highways becoming more jammed each year, we’re spending considerably more time stuck in traffic. And no one enjoys that. All this wasted time equates to a whole lot of wasted money, too. Americans lose a staggering $87 billion a year stuck in gridlock.

Even if you’re driving on clear roads and highways, you’re still wasting time. When you travel by train, you can cut your travel time in half or more. It’s the fastest way to travel!

3. You can optimize your time by opting for rail over road.

Not only does choosing rails over roads save you time, it also optimizes your time. When you’re sitting in a car, you’re doing just that: sitting. With trains, you actually get to use that time for something productive — or relaxing!

You can do some good-old-fashioned binge-watching of your favorite shows. You can catch up on your emails. You can even connect with friends and family, chatting away while the miles fly by.

4. You can save big bucks when you travel by train.

When you choose train over cars, you can save a significant chunk of cash: in both gas and work time. Take gas: The United States wastes more than 2.8 billion gallons of gas on car travel. Wasted work hours are even more alarming at 4.2 billion hours. That equates to one week of work per traveler. When it’s all said and done, trains offer one of the least expensive transportation options.

5. You enjoy a hassle-free experience when traveling by train.

When you travel by train, you never have to worry about parking hassles or finding a pit stop. If you’re traveling with Brightline, everything you need is right there on the train, from sparkling clean bathrooms to delicious snacks.

6. You can enjoy a more laid-back way of travel by choosing train.

Road rage is no longer an issue with train travel. And, boy, is it an issue. One out of every two drivers is on the receiving end of road rage. When you choose trains, you don’t need to worry about other drivers on the road. You can sit back and relax while someone else does the driving. Get to your destination in a better mood.

7. How you get there becomes a part of the fun when you choose trains.

Taking a train is quite charming. From your view to the hospitality, you’ll actually enjoy your time getting there. It becomes a part of your experience, not just a mode of transportation.

8. You enjoy more freedom on a train.

When you’re on the train, you’re not confined to your seat. You can get up and move around the train when you want. Stretch your legs or grab a refreshment. All this freedom is even sweeter when you have kids traveling with you. Instead of being stuck in their seat for hours on end, they’ll feel more like they’re hanging out in the living room.

9. You can enjoy a more sociable way to travel when you choose trains.

Lonely long drives are a thing of the past with train travel. Say hello to a new way of travel that lets you be social. Rather a peaceful, quiet trip? You can do that, too. The choice is all yours.

Brightline is going to make your train vs car decision even easier when service starts in 2017. With easy connectivity, outstanding amenities and leading technology, stations and trains will take you into the future — affordably and comfortably.